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With a high customer retention rate, brainybro prides itself in client satisfaction and excellent quality work. At brainybro, good is not good enough, it can be bettered. Better is not good enough, it can be best. And best too is not good enough, it can be bettered. Brainy bro writers strive to overdeliver and set new records everyday in client satisfaction.

Writer screening make what it is!

The academic writing website is made up of 977 British writers who have a good grasp of the English language. Their prose and creativity is superb. Their research skills are top notch. They also delight in original content and not at once will you hear that a writer at the company has plagiarized content.

The key foundation of a good writing company is the writers. Writers can either make or break a company. If they do shoddy, hurried work in an attempt to make a lot of money, they not only ruin their skill but they destroy the company image. However if writers are well renumerated, well treated and motivated, they will make the company shine.

At, only the most brainy are shortlisted for the writing department. The prospective brainy writers must at least have a Master’s degree because M.A graduates are really thorough with research. The shortlisted writers are taken through a complex English test where they are tested on grammar, active and passive voice, subject-verb agreement, APA, MLA and Havard formatting as well as referencing. Those who pass are invited to do an essay on their respective specialisations. Those who pass are selected and can be taken through the rigors of academic writing for clients at brainybro.

Work Efficiency Earns High Brainybro Review

Efficiency is surely one key value that clients are looking for when they come to brainybro. Writers are highly efficient and can deliver work at even the shortest deadline possible. Clients are also able to check their work through real-time SMS updates sent by the system. The website also has chat systems where customers can ask about their orders.